Garlic Chilli Oil

Since I got home last saturday this is my first time going online. Our internet antennae was broken due to extreme wind cause by typhoon Glenda that hit the northern part of the Philippines several weeks ago.

Needless to say, our internet service provider should change their company name from SMART WIRELESS to SMART HOPELESS!

Going to their service center offices was useless, I was being told that they only accept payments and new connection application, complaints and other matters will only be entertained on their remote offices.

Their remote office is much worse, each customer needs to wait for 2-3 hours for their number to be called. Most of them have been there for several times. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much time to wait.

I hope I will find a better internet service provider in my area. Anyways, enough will all my whinnings!

Thank God I live in the Phillipines where PisoNet is just around the corner. Never heard about it? It is a very convenient way of going online. All you need is just ONE (1) PESO to go online for Three (3) Minutes.

Just insert 1 Peso into the machine and a timer start counting down from 3 minutes. Just keep more Peso coin handy and will be done with everything you need to do online. 44 Pesos = 1 U.S. Dollar.

Welcome to the Phillippines!!!

So lets talk about this recipe. My collegue, Electrician Dranske ask me to post the recipe of this killer dip. I’m warning you, if you are on a slimming diet program, this appetizer is really not for you.

Garlic Chilli Oil  Photo by Nino Almendra
Garlic Chilli Oil
Photo by Nino Almendra

Now on with the cooking…

Garlic Chilli Oil

Prep. time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Very Easy

Makes; 1 1/2 Liter

You will need;

250 grms. garlic, peeled

250 grms. hot chilli red/green, stem removed

3 pcs. star anise

250-500 ml. olive oil / vegs. cooking oil


Place all ingredients in a blender. Run the blender on high-speed until all ingredients turns into a thick paste.

Pour the thick paste on a non-stick pan and cook on very high heat until golden brown.

Let it cool and transfer it into a clean sealed bottles.

Enjoy it with your favorite dish!!! =)

Here’s how I do it;

Using Red Hot Chillies

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Using Green Hot Chillies

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Garlic Chilli Oil on Siomai Photo by Nino Almendra
Garlic Chilli Oil on Siomai
Photo by Nino Almendra

Thanks alot for spending your precious time on my blog and hope this recipe encourage 

you to try cooking some Garlic Chilli Oil to add an instant kick to your next meal.

All Bloggers are welcome to join the party, it is hosted by

Angie  of  “The Novice Gardener”

Come All You Party People!!!


Fiesta Friday #29 is up and running.

Jhuls and Selma aka “The Hyper and The Calm” are your co-hosts this week.

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    • Hello James,
      Thanks for your inquiry,
      You can use 250ml of oil up to 500ml.
      You can start by making it with 250ml. of oil, if it is to dry for you, you can add more.
      Hope this helps. 😊


  1. Thank you for the recipe. But in trying to achieve the color in the picture, I think I burned it. What a waste. I’ll try this again another time. 🙂


      • Hello Rose,

        I’m sorry for the delay of my reply, been losing internet connection since morning.
        Anyway, it should not be burnt. I believed that I mentioned on my post that I’m using Electric Stove.
        And if you’re using Gas Stove, 20minutes might be to long. Just keep in mind that your sight and smell are one your best gauge to determine if your food is ready.
        What I share is just a guidelines to help you achieve a good finish product. But this is Life, at least you can try it again.
        One more tip; -The garlic chilli oil continues to get cooked even you take it out of the heat. Just keep on cooking and don’t forget to enjoy it!
        All the best,


  2. Thank you sa recipe chef! Im so happy na nakita ko tong blog niyo kasi pwd na akong gumawa ng marami, kc before nakakafrustrate kapag naaubos yung sauce namin sa bahay, medyo adik po kasi ako sa garlic sauce at pepper sauce, kahit anong food nilalagyan happy na ako.


    • Hello Chille Mae!

      Maraming salamat sa iyong feedback sa aking recipe. At ngayon siguradong hinde ka na mauubusan ng stock. 🙂
      Tip ko lang din sayo na gumawa ka ng marami kapag mura ang presyo ng bawang at sili. Tutal naman ay hinde nasisira ang Garlic Chilli Oil.
      At idagdag ko na rin, napakinggan ko kanina sa Radyo program ni Pangga Ruth Abao sa DWIZ na marami palang good health benefits ang dulot ng pagkain ng Garlic Chilli Oil!
      Kaya enjoy lang sa pagkain dahil good naman pala ito sa kalusugan natin.

      Bon Appetite!!!


  3. meron po kaung Fb para ma chat ko po kau…kc hirap na hirap ako mag hanap ng chowking chili paste…and meron pala nitong recipe nyo po…ggawin ko po pag labas kopo….kc dati me nabili akong chili paste dati sa ongpin pa sa MXT kaso ang layo nito saakin cainta pako…


    • Hello po Sir Monching,
      Wala Po akong ma-recommend na substitute sa Star Anise. Dahil allergic po kayo sa Star Anise, paki omit nalang po ang Star Anise. Dagdag aroma lang naman po Ang dulot ng Star Anise.
      Maraming Salamat po sa tanong nyo Sir!


    • Salamat sa tanong mo Alvin,
      Honestly hinde ko pa nasubukan ikumpara ung lasa ng chili paste ng Chowking sa Garlic Chili Oil recipe na naka-post dito.
      At dahil nga hinde ko naman intensyon na habulin ang lasa ng chili paste ng Chowking, sa palagay ko ay malayo ang lasa.
      Hope that my answer helps you!
      Please do give me a feedback if ever you have a chance to compare it!
      Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the week ahead! 🙂


  4. Love the texture in the blender. Parang naging smoothie na! Chili smoothie!
    Malamang, mamamaga labi mo pag ininom mo nito hehe. Kidding.
    I love making homemade garlic chili oil (w/o the use of blender) but I haven’t used star anise on it. I just want to know why do we have to put star anise po? I am thinking of making one soon w/ star anise. 😀


  5. hi, sorry for this stupid question, you say i have to cook the mixture on a very high heat, my question is, are you sure it will not explode?… the heat from the chilis really scares me…


    • Oh yeah! I love this type of question! Hope my answer doesn’t sound stupid too! 😉
      I never had any explosion while cooking this Garlic Chilli Oil. But I would like to inform you that we are using Electic Stove onboard. Gas Stove will differ on how high your heat will be. But I don’t think it will ever explode. Anyway, you can always lower the heat when you know it is to high or you can take away your cooking pan when you notice it is already burning!
      Keep safe always and enjoy cooking! 🙂


    • We have the same situation rightnow! 😦
      I also dont have Star Anise onboard, but that doesn’t stop me from making this great Appetizer.
      In short, Star Anise is not a must! 🙂
      Thanks for asking!!!


  6. I often use chili oil as my husband loves spiced food.
    Pity about the internet antenna,hope you get it sorted soon.
    Our internet in South Africa works through our landline telephone connection which also often has issues as the copper wire cables get stolen often….the pay premium price for copper here.


    • Hi Deblet,
      I guess we all have different issues in every country. Right now I’m still waiting for a vacant slot on other internet service provider. Wish to get it ASAP. But for now, I still need to use the PISONET system of the Philippines.
      Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience. -nino


    • I’m really sorry for the long delay of my reply to your comment. I guess you know how we Filipinos spend our time during our vacation at home. I’m enjoying every moment of my vacation with my love ones.
      Thanks for stopping by, Diahann! =)


  7. Hi Nino – so lovely to ‘meet’ here via Fiesta Friday! What an interesting life you lead; once I have dispensed with my co-hosting duties, I will be back to take a look at your blog properly! Your sauce/dip sounds fabulous – just what we need at the party this week. In the meantime, I hope that the winds have calmed down and that you have sorted out your internet problems though I must say that PisoNet sounds remarkably economical! Happy Fiesta Friday – enjoy your time with your family!


    • Hi Selma,
      Thank you for all your well wishes. Fortunately the weather here in the Philippines was great since I got home. But, we are still waiting for our new internet line. Wish to have it ASAP. Thanks for taking time in co-hosting the party. =)

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh dear, the typhoon didn’t even make our news. I hope that means it was minor on the Philipino scale of typhoons. Enjoy your break.

    As for that sauce, if you cut down the amount of oil, it COULD be okay calorie-wise. Just don’t use too much. I’m on a search for ways to gratuitously use garlic. This could be a winner.


    • The typhoon was mostly strong winds, its not that bad compared to previous super typhoon that bring us floods.
      About the quantity of oil, I do agree on your advise. My only problem is my crew complains that the sauce is a bit dry whenever I use 250ml. or less. But for home use it is of course better to use less oil.
      Thank you for visiting and pressing some feedbacks! =)


  9. There are really so many hopeless things in the Phillippines, Nino. We are glad that you have joined us today despite the crazy internet problems. I think you need more time for your pending comments. I bet you have many? This dip really looks good and mouthwatering. Thank you for bringing this and happy FF to you. Regards to the family. 🙂 And stay safe!


    • Hi Jhuls =)
      Despite all the hopeless things thats happening in the Philippines, I still believe that We Filipinos are improving everyday.
      Happy Fiesta Friday and thanks for your well wishes!!!


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