Thank you, Mergus!

Hello Everyone!!!

Today we are throwing a party for Mergus, She’s our home at sea!

Most of us have been working onboard Mergus for several years already, and we’ve become family to each other through good and bad times.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Mergus, our vessel was sold to a new owner. We all need to take separate ways now and move forward. I will not gonna lie to you, it will hurt and it will gonna take a bit of time to heal our hearts. But we will get back again like a fighter who fall, stood up, and fight back again to continue the battle we all call life. That’s what we do, Sailors never give up!

Enough with the heartaches and drama! =)

We are here to PARTY!!!

Celebrate the good things we’ve shared together and reminisced the memories we had onboard Mergus!

Thank God above for all the blessings we enjoy every meal, the fair-weather we sailed, and the good health we had onboard.

Also, like to thank our Ship Managers and to all our friends and family who have been a part of our lives onboard Mergus!

{-Fredriet, Nynas, Crewchart, Bims, Scanmar, IFS Belgium, Seamans Mission in Stockholm, Duckdalben of Hamburg, Sunny Euro of Hamburg, Seamans Mission in Rosenhill Goteborg, Seamans Mission in Eastham and Liverpool, Seamans Mission in Tees Port UK, Seamans Mission in Norrkoping, Seamans Mission in Malmo. Seamans Mission in Stettin Poland, Seamans Mission in Finland.}

Thank you, Mergus!
Thank you, Mergus! – Photo by Nino Almendra

Now on with the party…

Thank you, Mergus!

Thank you, Mergus!
Thank you, Mergus!
M.T.Mergus Last batch 2019 Photo by Nino Almendra

Enjoy your meal !!! 🙂

Thanks a lot for spending your precious time on my blog and hope this story encourage you to enjoy life!

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