Cookin essentials

Life onboard is unpredictable! But the show must go on, especially inside the galley.
I need to prepare atleast 3meals per day, that is not hard. But doing it consistently for the next 6months or more is not easy.


-1st factor is the worst weather condition and extremely rough sea, this situation not in your hand and nothing you can do to stop it.

Just to make things easier for you to digest, take this piece of advice from J.A. Konrath;

 “If you can quit, quit. If you can’t quit, stop complaining – this is what you chose.” 

-2nd is the food budget, This entirely defends on what your company can provide. Atleast €10/day per crew is enough if your vessel is trading on Euro countries. This is where your expertise in handling provision will take place. The Captain onboard is the overall in-chage but YOU the COOKONBOARD is the hands-on supervisor and food manager onboard.

One simple thing you need to inculcate in your mind is to;

“Smile with what you have and live without the things you do not have. Well that’s the life onboard.”   -nino

-3rd is the country your ship is trading, maybe you find a good seasoning in Sweden but you can’t get it on England.

Then the taste of your food will be,


So you need to stick to the most basic ingredients available in 4corners of the world.

This situation you can do something about, actually it is all in you hands.

“The only way to predict the taste of your food is to invent it.”    -nino

For almost 15years of life at sea and 11years of it spent inside the galley of various type of ship, I find these simple mixture {below} stable and the food taste is consistent in any type of situation. And if you try to incorporate it to your system of cooking, you’ll find it easy and faster to work with.

Here’s some mixture worth trying if ever you are following my blog and wanna try most of my recipés…


Its a very basic mixture I used to almost every dish I prepare. I stack alot of this mixture and keep it handy.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to frozen state of our meat, poultry and seafoods onboard I need the aid of “Stock granules/cubes or Boullion”. But for those occasion that I receive fresh meat, poultry or seafoods I just season it with salt and freshly ground pepper.

For home cooking I highly recommend using mineral seasalt or rock salt. Fresh ingredients are always sweet and tasty, so don’t destroy it with alot of artificial seasonings.

You will need;
1 cup fine salt
2 tablespoons chicken stock granules {knorr or maggi chicken cubes}
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
-Mix altogether in a sealed container.

#Breadin mix;

This mixture is a big timesaver. If you are a Cookonboard like me or a Cook@home who loves to cook fried breaded foods. I used it to coat Cod fish fillet,Plaice fish whole,Beef Snitzel,Breaded Porkchops,Chicken breast Cordon Bleu and alot,lot more…

You will need;
1 kg allpurpose flour
500 grams breadcrumbs {not the japanese crumbs}
4 tablespoons #Seasonin
-Mix altogether in a sealed container.

#BOOP mix;

This Herb Trifecta is one of my favorite herb combination, I been using it for quite a long time. I used it on pasta sauce, pizza, roast chicken, meat or vegetables. There’s a long list of recipes where I use this trifecta.

You will need;
Basil dried …………1part (1Tbsp.)
Oregano dried …2part (2Tbsp.)
Parsley dried ……1part (1Tbsp.)
-Mix altogether in a sealed container.

Cooking School you might wanna visit; Trupp Cooking School


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and recipes. I wanted to go to different places around the world when I was young but did not have a chance financially etc. I am now retired and am able to do a few trips and cruises. Being in Canada has allowed me and my hubby to do so. I know what looks and sounds like fun entails also hard work. Keep on the excellent job you are doing, and thank you for sharing your delectable recipes and cooking tips. More power to you. Macey


  2. Bonjour Nino! Merci Dig your life! Please speak of your adventures, I too once travelled the world, I too once lay in the sun on virgin sands – with a glass of Pina Colada and a bottle of 50++ Sunscreen in the other. Now I’m drinking Japanese Slippers and I can travel only in the Mind. But through your eyes I may still go where you go. Peace brother. Go the Authentic Life! Imogen


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